Previous working tuya_v2 system now failing (no changes)

Initial two api call successful

2021-10-19 19:06:09 DEBUG (Thread-3) [tuya iot] connecting ssl://

2021-10-19 19:06:09 DEBUG (SyncWorker_3) [tuya iot] Response: {

“code”: 28841101,

“msg”: “No permissions. This API is not subscribed.”,

“success”: false,

“t”: 1634666769932


confirmed it is/was a broken Pub/Sub API after recent changes on Tuya IoT Platform

Ticket still open with Tuya support

This API error is now fixed, however publish messages for say “contact switch” changes are being received by HA but are not being reflected in the HA UI. This looks like an Tuya_v2/HA issue