Previously added z-wave device gets re added when adding node

Hello everyone,

I’ve been experimenting with the integrated z-wave tool for a while and I have it up and running.
I’ve run in to a problem which I have not had previously. Maybe anyone of you might recognice the problem.
It would make me very happy if someone could help me sort out this issue since it’s effectivly keeping me from integrating new nodes.
A few days ago I added a bunch of devices. No big issues here, everything worked as it should.
Today however, I tried to add another node, but this time when I pressed “add node” the only thing that happened was that the previously handled node (the node which I had selected in the drop down node list) got re added. The old entry gets decoupled from the z-wave decice and a new entry is set up, with the same node number. After restarting HA the old entry is gone and I will have to rename and configure the new entry all over again.
I’ve tried this out a few times and come to the conclusion that it is always the prevously handled node that gets re-added. Even if the list is empty (if I just entered the configuration) it seem to remember what node I previously had selected and re-add it as soon as I hit “add node”

Some background info:
Z-wave stick: Aeotec z-stick Gen5
Running home assistant on an Ubuntu server with docker
Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
Docker version 19.03.13

Running Supervisor Version
Running Home Assistant 2020.12.1
all the logs I can find shows nothing out of the ordinary.