Primary Files for Rebuilding

I was running Docker HA version 101.2 on a Synology NAS. DSM 7 killed z-wave via USB. I have taken the appropriate actions to reactivate the z-wave (i hope).

I downloaded the latest and notice there have been main general changes since I last upgraded. I really do not want to rebuild everything from scratch. What would be the most important files to bring back from my old set-up and limit the rebuild process?

I am assuming I will have to rebuild a few items, based upon them being older versions or no longer supported. I sincerely appreciate any assistance.

Should be everything under /config folder including the hidden /config/.storage folder.

But you need to read all breaking changes before uploading the old config files to the latest version.

Am I better off just starting fresh. I did not have a ton of automations or integrations. Handfull of lights, few sockets, thermostat, but that’s about it.

I would think I would be faster a second time around! :slight_smile:

Start fresh.

You can thank me later. :slight_smile: