Primary light switch NOT working on tasmota flashed device

So I purchased 2 KS 602s WIFI wall toggle from Aamzon recently - described here:

The 2 I have are the same model but differ a bit from the pics in the link. On mine the button is near the upper edge - in the link it dead center.There may be other differences but that the obvious one. I was able to flash these with Ardiuno sucessfully - able to web to it - everythings seems to be working (console, etc). I left the default module as a sonoff basic - but I cannot get the device to switch power to the red load wire when I toggle it. The web gui shows it going on/off/on - I see console messages that appear to be correct - but nothing. I’ve been able to get a MQTT rule to work so that if switch1 goes to 3 (long pause) I can publish that event. As a last resort I followed digiblurDIY youtube howto for this particular switch and how to flash it with the last firmware via ESPEasy - same results. Any suggestions? I’ve been beating my head on the desk for several hours now. I’m a newbie in tasmota and I hope it just something simple that someone can give some pointers on…


Found the issue. digiblurDIY has a channel on youtube about setting up a generic module and with his help I got it going. For others this is what I have for the generic:

GPIO0: Switch1
GPIO14: Relay1

Here is the link to digiblurDIY video on setting up a generic template: