Princess 353120 Smart Dehumidifier


I’m new to Home Assistant since yesterday and am enjoying it very much. I managed to connect all my smart appliances, except my dehumidifier ( It uses the Homewizard Climate app to control the device and also works with google assistant/the Google home app. I did a port scan to see how I could connect to this device, but nothing seems to be open. I also can’t find any documentation or information about the device. (Except for HomeWizard information, but that seems to be about a sort of smart hub).

Does somebody else have this device and managed to get it working through Home Assistant? Is there any hope or should I just give up?

Thanks anyway!

@stijn.vanderbiesen Did you already connect it?

Nope, mailed customer support but no public API anytime soon :cry:

Can’t you link it by adding a new gadget as “Work with google” and select “HomeWizard Climate” app?
It is listed in Assistant compatible APPS, does it work?

(sorry for translations og Google settings but I’m using Portuguese version of Google Home)

Do you mean in the Google Home app?
I can get it to work in the google home app, yes. But i can’t add it to my Home Assistant.

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ah, ok. Got it

I’m thinking about buying one of that dehumidifier. Can you tell me what you can do by connecting it to google home App?
And what else do you want to do by connecting it to google assistant?

(I’m quite new to this, I’m explorig a lot, already automated all light switches and got a vacuum cleaner, but want to know more about the dehumidifier before making another big investment like this :wink: )

Will this do? Just need it to be updated to the new ha structure. It lack ini and manifest. Seems to be a good starting point


I just ordered this model. I’ll also try to pick this up by the time it has arrived! Though, I have never really made anything, only did some minor additions.

Hi m friend is looking for a Automation for this device. Did you manage to integrate it in HA?

look here

Hi there, did anyone solve this integration, I have the Princess Smart Dehumidifier and trying to integrate it, currently just running off a smart plug for On/Off but would be good to make it a little more integrated.

(pretty new to HASS so forgive me, basic instructions appreciated!)