Print server for Home Assistant?

Hi, I have a Samsung ML2020 WiFi printer that ostensibly has a wireless printing feature but it’s so bad it almost always loses connection and is unavailable.

Is there some sort of addon or something that would run on my Pi with Home Assistant and would act as a print server, (preferably with AirPrint), with the printer connected via USB to it? I run HAOS which I understand is limited with what I can install, but maybe there’s a Docker addon or something?

Any tips? Thanks!

CUPS is the standard Linux print server and its actually owned by Apple. There is a Debian package called CUPSAirPrint but I have no experience. A Synology NAS will publish a USB printer to AirPrint.

I will add that all printers I have bought for the last 20 years have been ethernet connected devices for a reason :slight_smile:

ooh, I do have a Synology right next to the printer, but it’s just a basic DS216j Docker-less model and I don’t see any package or feature for printing yet. But that’s an avenue I didn’t realize, thank you!

PLug it in via USB. See what happens…

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Look under control panel. external devices, printer. Mine is a 12 year old DS1511 and its always supported it. But now we have an IPP printer on the network that does airprint

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Oh yes!! It’s there! It works! Thank you so much :slight_smile: