Printer power automation

a main question for home automation is for me not only the one for comfort. Its for me a question of reducing the power consumption too. One thing is a wlan-printer brother L8690 with a standby with nearly 7W. My zigbee socket adapter uses only 0.3W and 0.7W when its acivated. Additional the socket adapter works there as router. The question is now how to power down the printer if not needed and when there is a print, how to acivate the socket automatically. The printer works over Wifi networt, so i asked me if there is a possibility for home assistant to get somehow and info that triggers the socket. Maybe if i route the traffic not over my router (frizbox 7490) but the intel nuc, on which home assist is running on. Or maybe setting up a printserver on the nuc or whatever.
Im a little greenhorn to be honest, but maybe you got an idea how to handle this or maybe someone already got a solution for this running…

regards from germany