PRISM Plus Zero AC Compatibility

This is a post dedicated mainly for Singaporean’s using Home Assistant. Just wanted to share some findings as it might affect many of y’all when doing renovation/buying a new home.

PRISM Plus, is a Singapore Local Brand that primarily rebrands OEM Products as their own. They recently branched out to stepping into Smart Homes and their first products were AC Units. When I first looked at the AC, I felt that I had saw this AC before somewhere and turns out, it was a GREE OEM AC, just rebranded.

I chanced upon the opportunity to try out a PRISM AC and managed to get it working directly using the Gree Climate integration.

Initally, had checked with the company multiples times on whether their devices support Tuya or any Open APIs that we can work with. They were reluctant to give me a proper answer and was dodging all the questions asked.

Here is an image of what the Prism AC exposes, pretty much everything from a normal GREE AC.

To add it into Home Assistant,

  1. Download the PRISM Plus Application.
  2. Setup the AC with the PRISM Plus App.
  3. Confirm that it is working on the PRISM Plus App.
  4. On Home Assistant, Add Integration and add the Gree Climate integration, the devices will automagically pop up.

As PRISM seems to be directly acquiring OEMs from GREE and PRISMs application simply being a reskinned version of the GREE Application, we can expect to see their future ACs being GREE as well and compatibility with Home Assistant should be compatible for future products.

It also seems that the Compressor Unit has nothing to do with the AC’s Compatability at all as well since the WiFi Module is located inside the Fan Coil Unit. Similar to Daikin (iSmile) ACs and MitsuCon Mitsubishi ACs.

Tested and Confirmed Working Devices:


Great stuff - am in Singapore and been checking out the Prism+ stuff with great interest. Good to know there is a working integration. Do you happen to know which OEM they sourced their new smart fan from?

Would you happen to know if the integration will work without Internet access?

Thanks, this was very helpful! I am running three Prism+ Acs connected to HA.
Anyone had any success connecting the Prism+ Oasis Fans? I am unable to connect those …

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