Private BLE Device provide info for closest BLE Proxy Device

What would make the Private BLE Device much more useful would be if it could provide info for closest BLE sensor or the sensor that the “Approximate Distance” refers to. This would allow automations and scripts based on BLE device location.

Agreed. From what I read on discord that the developer did not have room presence intention when developing the component but this seems doable. I’d love to repurpose all my esp32’s I use for espresense and reduce the complexity. If I knew python I’d be totally helping out.

Have you found the distance sensor accurate? Mine always is less than a foot for my device but seems to change accurately for my daughter’s phone. I’ll have to do some more looking.

Also knowing what are the best settings for esphome’s ble_presense scanner and bluetooth_proxy would be helpful.

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Seems like these would be good attributes to add and would open up a lot of possibilities.

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This thread might be a duplicate to this one:

  • in the other thread you will also find a first workaround.