Pro1 WiFi thermostat help

I have a number of Pro1 WiFi thermostats residing on my network that I would like to add to HA. Unfortunately they are not listed in integrations is there still a way to do so possibly using YAML?

Hi Mike,

Did you figure anything out regarding the Pro1 thermostats? I just moved into a house with one installed and I am in the same boat. I would love to be able to get some automations going especially with some remote humidity sensors. Please let me know if you figured anything out and I will replicate the kindness.

Unfortunately I have not, sorry

I still haven’t quite gotten around to this yet (moving is a bear), but my best workaround at this time is to connect my Pro1 thermostat to my google assistant\home. Then I can use the google assistant integration in HA to control the thermostat. Here is a video that might help for anyone interested.