Probably the best haptic knob I have seen so far

Hi all,

a video came up on my youtube just now from a guy that has made a haptic, multi functional knob - completely custom build with instructions on how to do it:


He’s made a fantastic button that is much like the nest thermostat, but it can control anything.

The only caveat is that he’s barely touched the firmware and is looking for help developing it, from pricing the individual parts, 1 knob would cost circa £60, but as you can see in the demo, it has a wide range of uses (push on/off, turn on/off, level with/without min/max.

We could use this for anything too - just need that integration. check out his github: GitHub - scottbez1/smartknob: Haptic input knob with software-defined endstops and virtual detents

hopefully someone will help him make it, he doesn’t even care if someone makes it into a product. all open source.


Got the same in my youtube feed like 2 or 3 days ago (the one about construction).
I’m absolutly unable to build it myself but it would be amazing to have it solder by someone else and be buyable (does that word even exists?)

at circa £70 I’d be willing to try

as someone who has only soldered his original xbox and put it up in flames, I got nothing to lose

for me though it’s more about the software side, it doesn’t connect to anything at present… the guy has a discord, maybe I’ll try sign up and see what can happen, but I find I don’t have the interest in coding like I used to

Amazing idea, I really want one of these now. :slight_smile: