Problem adding Esp32 Bluetooth Proxy sensor to ESPHome


I was trying to add an Esp32 Bluetooth Proxy sensor to ESPHome, I put in the ip address of my Home Assistant and use the default port of 6053 and click Submit in the GU. It gave me the following error:

Can’t connect to ESP. Please make sure your YAML file contains an ‘api:’ line.

I nc’ed the ip address and the port and it says “nc: connectx to port 6053 (tcp) failed: Connection refused”. There is an ‘api’ in the yaml file though. I do however have another Bluetooth Proxy running without any problem.

Your suggestions are gratefully appreciated. thanks1


That should be the IP address of the esp32 device, not HA.

Thanks, nickrout! That worked. Another question, it seems it can’t connect to HA when it is not plugged into the usb port of my desktop computer. Validate seems to show the correct values of Wifi settings. Any idea?

nickrout, here is the error:

  • Can’t connect to ESPHome API for esp32-bluetooth-proxy-980f48 @ Connection requires encryption

The key has already been installed and validated by Validate.

Is it connecting to your AP?

nickrout, yes, it seems to. I can see errors in log.

Which log is that from? The esphome log, or the home assistant log?

HA Core. There is nothing much from esphome except get /devices.

nickrout was power supply issue, because it didn’t have enough power. Thanks for your help!

nickrout It’s strange that under EspHome page, 2 of the devices are offline and one is online, but they seem to be online under the Devices page, because Safe Mode Boot is active and is working. Any idea?

Visibility on the esphome page is dependent on mDNS working, in the HA devices page it is not dependent on mDNS.

There is an option in the esphome addon to activate “Use ping for status” which wil leliminate the need for mDNS.

Profile - nickrout - Home Assistant Community It works, thanks!