Problem adding ESPHome node voice project to HA

Hi everyone,

I’m running HA Core in a FreeBSD jail, running quite well with a Z-wave network. I read Year of the Voice - Chapter 5 - Home Assistant and decided to try setting up my S3-BOX (not -3) as a voice assistant, so followed the instructions to Ready-Made Projects — ESPHome . It loaded just fine, and HA found the device when I configured the network, but when I tried to set it up, it reported

Can’t connect to ESP. Please make sure your YAML file contains an ‘api:’ line.

I made no changes to anything, I’ve never used ESPHome before, and couldn’t figure out if I need to install the esphome Pip package. I tried, and HA reported the same error when trying to connect to that. Since this is a “ready-made project” is there anything I need to do on the HA side to make this work? I’m really hoping once this works, I can add on more ESPHome projects, like RatGDO.