Problem adding Somfy Connexoon screens to Home Assistant


I’ve installed two Somfy screens today together with the Somfy Connexoon bridge. This bridge should allow me to control the screens from my app and from Home Assistant. The Connexoon app works fine, but I have trouble adding this to my Home Assistant configuration.

I am using the Somfy integration. I’ve created an app at the Somfy Developer portal and created a public and private key which are added to my configuration.yaml. I am able to add the integration but it only shows my Connexoon device. The screens are not there.
Does anybody know how I can add the suncreens to my Home Assistant?

I am running Home Assistant Version core-2021.6.6 on Home Assistant OS 6.1 at the production deployment.

Thank you in advance!

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Just in case someone else has the same problem, I found the solution: GitHub - iMicknl/ha-tahoma: Custom component for Home Assistant to interact with smart devices via Somfy TaHoma or other OverKiz based API's..
Install this custom component and you will be able to use your Connexoon through Home Assistant!

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