Problem commissioning device using matter over thread

Hi everyone! I am using a sonoff dongle as a thread border router, the light example from esp-matter flashed into an esp32-c6, and basically I am trying to commission it to ha. I have the matter server add-on installed, the silicon labs multiprotocol to create the thread network, and I added a script to ha to be able to sync the thread credentials into my ios (which seems to be working fine). When I start the commissioning process everything starts fine, I click on add anyway, it says its in the process of “Setting up” but then takes to long to set up and gives me a message saying “Unable to Add accessory”. I checked the IP:8080 → topology and the thread network is created fine, the esp is able to join the thread network however it is not added to home assistant devices.

I also tested matter over wi-fi previously and it worked fine.

Does anyone have any idea of what I can do to fix this problem?

On the matter server add-on logs I get these errors:

“2024-05-13 11:21:16.428 (Dummy-2) CHIP_ERROR [chip.native.DL] Long dispatch time: 215 ms, for event type 2”
[1715530694.803271][238:238] CHIP:DL: Found the primary Ethernet interface:enp0s3
[1715530694.804046][238:238] CHIP:DL: Failed to get WiFi interface
[1715530694.804104][238:238] CHIP:DL: Failed to reset WiFi statistic counts
2024-05-12 17:18:14.804 (MainThread) WARNING [PersistentStorage] Initializing persistent storage from file: /data/chip.json
2024-05-12 17:18:14.804 (MainThread) WARNING [PersistentStorage] Loading configuration from /data/chip.json…

You need to have IPv6 enabled on your HA installation and forget about setting it manually. Only automatic will work.
You can also not have multiple NICs on the HA and Matter installation.

We have those settings since the beginning.

Sorry then, it was just the common errors for Matter that I listed.
I do not use an iOS device to commission, so I do not know the procedure with that one.

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