Problem connecting to Xiaomi devices


I\m a beginner here and I’m stuck with connecting HA to Xiaomi devices (air purifier and vacuum robot).
I have managed to co connect them to WiFi (*) and to Mi Home app, so I know they are in my network.

I have reserved fixed IP for them and extracted the tokens as per instruction (with the python script).

Still, when I try to add Miio integration for any of these devices to HA, I only get the “could not connect. Unknown error” message.

What am I doing wrong?

(*) There is a Catch 22 case when you have MAC address control in your WiFi - the only way to get the MAC address of a Mi device I found is through the Mi Home app, AFTER connecting to WiFi which you cannot do not knowing the MAC address. Of course temporary switching off the MAC control on router helped.

Hi rmikke,
I’m also new to HA and I believe I have a similar problem.

I have an S5 Max vacuum working well via Mi Home app. When trying to complete the Xiaomi Miio integration I am receiving an “Unknown Error” message.

I’m running HA 2021.12.4 on a Pi 3B+.

Were you able to resolve?

Regards & thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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I’m was having the same problem, but I set it up manually and it seems it’s working.