Problem getting Geolocation to update properly

I’m having trouble with the Android Companion app updating the Geolocation. I’m running with Home Assistant 2021.12.9 and Companion App 2022.1.1-full. I have the Geolocation on a card to show my current location. It’s been stuck at my work location for the last 2 days. When I go into Configuration → Companion App → Manage Sensors → Geolocation Sensors, it show my current location, but the card never does update properly.

I’m using a PIxel 3 XL with Android 11 and I’ve allow the Companion App to access my location all the time.

Anyone know what’s going on?

instead of checking the card, check the state of the entity to see if data is coming in.

I checked the state on the entity. The latitude and longitude match with my home location. But this isn’t be updated on the card showing the entity.

Could be frontend related.
But that it’s stuck for two days seems odd.

Have you tried reloading the page? CTRL + F5?

Yes, I’ve tried that. I’ve also restarted HA numerous times as well as force stopping the phone app and restarting it. This use to work fine until a recent update to HA.