Problem getting Let's Encrypt working through DuckDNS

After reading the setup guide, the initial blog post and numerous forum posts I still can’t get Let’s encrypt working through DuckDNS add on.

First, in my DuckDNS Options through

      "lets_encrypt": {
        "accept_terms": true,
        "certfile": "fullchain.pem",
        "keyfile": "privkey.pem"
      "token": "12345678-meow-ilikecats-this-ismytoken",
      "domains": [
      "seconds": 300

My Configuration yaml

      base_url: https:// 8123
      api_password: !secret http_password
      ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
      ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem

And my port forwarding rules


Before making these changes, DuckDNS was working correctly, however, I get the following error when trying to access the https version

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Here is what is in my log at DuckDNS

starting version 3.2.2
# INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config
+ Account already registered!
Tue Feb  6 08:51:00 EST 2018: OK
INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config
 + Checking domain name(s) of existing cert... unchanged.
 + Checking expire date of existing cert...
 + Valid till May  7 11:01:42 2018 GMT (Longer than 30 days). Skipping renew!
Tue Feb  6 08:56:04 EST 2018: OK

I think you have to forward external port 80 to internal port 8123

I see spaces in the base_url, That should not be the case.
Also I notice a 4 spaces in your config at duckdns and in the configuration.yaml at the beginning of every line.
That might be a copy paste issue…


Gah I fixed it! That pointed me in the right direction.

When I was looking at my router, on a hunch I just checked what the internal IP of my HA pi was. It had dynamically changed.

So my next logical question would be how to fix the IP of the pi through CLI?

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Was trying to get around the 2 link limit, and yes copy paste issue.

Not directly from the CLI. Read this: