Problem in managing groups


I want to split my frontend with tabs.
I want to move some components from the main page to another tab.
with the directive view : yes it works , a new tab is created but a copy of this component is always present on the main page.
How can i do hide the component on the main page ?


As stated here:
By default, every group appears in the HOME tab. If you name a group default_view it will REPLACE the contents of the HOME tab so you can customize it as you wish.

It works fine with the default _view nevertheless my customization in the customize.yaml doesn’t work if my weather is in a tab.
That is a bug or an error from me … ?

Normally i made a card with each metrics from weather, if i desactivate the weather tab, that’s working fine.
but if i try to create a tab with weather metrics, all metrics appears like sensors without customization …

Check your indents and your spelling in your groups and in customization - al;so your name references. YAML is very finicky about things like indents, colons and case. While I was learning customization and groups, 99% of the time this was the cause of things like you displayed.

Try using two groups for that, this is a sample of my groups.yaml. One group, and a view that ‘contains’ the other group.

    - input_boolean.despcuarto
    - input_select.alarma_cuarto
    - input_boolean.luztarde
    - input_boolean.entrarsalirdecasa
    - input_boolean.lucesplex
    - input_boolean.entrarsalircuarto
    - input_boolean.lucesmesitacomedor
  view: yes
  icon: 'mdi:settings'
  entities: group.reglas


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You rock !!!
it works fine now :smile:

thanks so much !

You’re welcome. Glad to help! :wink: