Problem install HACS

Having a problem with the installation off HACS on Home Assistant OS 8.1 core 2022.5.5, running on RP Pi 4 2Gb. Nginx running. I always get “bad address” in HA terminal

Internet connection seams to be ok. ping to ip address RB Pi4 is ok
Does someone have an idea what could be the solution?

Try to run “ha resolution info” in the terminal.
It will check your DNS setup for common errors.

Hello WallyR,
I’m not sure what to make off the issues?

Set your dns to and Settings → system → network


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Thanks Francis,
After setting DNS server to , I was able to install HACS.

I am not sure what those issues are either, but I would be hesitant to rely on your routers DNS service for anything until you can get a clean test.
Try to look for updates to you routers firmware first.