PROBLEM - Install Home Assistant Supervised


I have a Ubuntu server (Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS) where I just successfully installed Home Assistant using the following method: supervised-installer

I’m now able to log in to my Home Assistant, do the initial configuration and go all around it. The problem is that each time I try to install an addon I get the error message: “Unknown error, see supervisor”. And when I go to “supervisor/system” I see this “Your installation is running in an unhealthy state” and the following warning on the logs: “21-01-02 23:13:12 WARNING (MainThread) [] ‘AddonManager.install’ blocked from execution, system is not healthy”.

The server machine was formatted and has a clean and updated version of Ubuntu and I have installed anything else than Home Assistant on it. I was expecting a fully functional Home Assistant Supervised where I could install my addons as usual.

Can anyone advise me how to proceed to have it working properly?

Thank you

It’s because Ubuntu is not supported as a host os.
Only Debian 10 is supported. The page you linked to actually specified this under Requirements.
So the solution would be to install Debian 10, then reinstall ha supervised.
I don’t think Ubuntu has a late enough Version of network manager, which is why it’s saying it’s unhealthy.

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Thank you for your quick reply.
I just realized that after a simple reboot the problem was resolved and I no longer have the “unhealthy state” error message and I can now install addons.
Since it’s now working I will continue my testing using Ubuntu but I will definitely update do Debian later on for a production environment.