Problem installing HACS

Because I had some problem’s with HACS I did a fresh install of Home Assistant in Docker Synology
So I am on 0110.4 now
After that I followed every step to add HACS.
After pressing the big “plus” sign under Intergrations I select HACS, and it looks like the installation begins. But without asking for a token it returns to the list from where you can select an Integration.

So I wonder what I am doing wrong. I did all the refreshes and restarts when the manuals tells me to do so.

EDIT: Did a fresh install again. (version 0110.5 now
In the logging I have this error :You are using a custom integration for hacs which has not been tested by Home Assistant. This component might cause stability problems, be sure to disable it if you experience issues with Home Assistant.
Don’t know if I had this error before.

EDIT no2: I tried to add HACS once more and now I was asked for the token. So fingers crossed for the rest of the installation

The error message has always been there. As of 0.110 you have to install the latest hacs from the site. Did you do that or are you just reinstalling from a previously saved version?

I install latest version

When you do the fresh install of HA are you restoring a snapshot?

With this fresh install I did not restore anything yet. I usually copy everything from the previous config directory to the new config directory, but not the db file.
This time I won’t copy the hacs directory neither, nor from the custom_components directory

Well there are some configuration files for hacs in the .storage directory as well. Likely that is confusing the integration step. As I said before the new hacs only works with 0.110 and beyond.

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At the end I have it all working.
Thank you for your help

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