Problem integrate Owntrack

Javascript error occurs when trying to integrate Owntracks using the Home Assistant integrations wizard.
Home assistant version: 2021.4.3.

app.ebe75b7a.js:12795 Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Expected “#”, “’”, “\n”, “{”, argumentElement, double apostrophes, end of input, or tagElement but “<” found.
at Ze (app.ebe75b7a.js:12795)
at w (app.ebe75b7a.js:12795)
at Function.x [as __parse] (app.ebe75b7a.js:12795)
at new e (app.ebe75b7a.js:12795)
at app.ebe75b7a.js:12795
at Q (app.ebe75b7a.js:12795)
at Object.renderCreateEntryDescription (chunk.92bab3bd51082c9a78c6.js:956)
at HTMLElement.value (chunk.6e03f6a56cb44e44b40e.js:1374)
at HTMLElement.update (app.ebe75b7a.js:12795)
at HTMLElement.performUpdate (app.ebe75b7a.js:12795)

I can’t get to the webhook of the following window

Problem solved. The error occurs when the Home assistant interface is in Spanish. In English it works correctly