Problem/mistake flashing Tasmota on Sonoff RF Bridge

I am trying to flash Tasmota on a Sonoff RF Bridge, and have made a mistake. I was wondering whether anyone could tell me whether it’s recoverable?

I downloaded a node flasher from here:

…and connected my FT232RL USB/Serial adapter to the RF Bridge. When I opened the node flasher I mistakenly thought that clicking the Flash button would ask me to select a .bin file to be flashed. Instead, it actually started flashing the chip with…I don’t know what (!). It took maybe 30 seconds to complete.
So I then opened the Config page in the node flasher, selected the Tasmota.bin file, and clicked the Flash button again. It seemed to do something - the red LED on the FT232RL flickered for a couple of seconds, and the status bar of the node flasher showed a green circle with a tick inside it. The log also showed “Program flash success” (repeated many times). This process only took a couple of seconds.
So I scanned my wifi network, looking for the Tasmota access point, but I don’t see it.
Would anyone know whether my original flash operation would have caused irreparable damage to the RF Bridge? If not, any idea how I can get wifi access to my newly-flashed RF bridge?



and try again.

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Chances are, your RF Bridge is waiting for you to connect to its wireless access point, and tell it precisely which WiFi SSID and password to use, in order to connect to your network. Check the Tasmota documentation, and scan for available wifi networks using your phone. I’ll bet there’s a TASxxxxx AP waiting on you.

Thanks for the replies. I just downloaded and tried Tazmotizer, but it couldn’t connect to the ESP8266 - “Timed out waiting for packet header”.

Also definitely not seeing the Tasmota access point on my wifi network…

Oops…sorry I had flipped the slider switch in the RF Bridge back to its original “on” position. When I returned it to “off” I was able to re-flash.
I can now see the Tasmota AP.
Thanks again.