Problem Qubino Flush Shutter (ZMNHCD1) Tilting and Sync

Hi after owning Fibaro roller Shutter 2&3 which does not have support for tilting the slats (even though 3 should have this functionality) I bought qubino roller shutter

Several times on this forum has been mentioned that it has ability to open / close slats :slight_smile: unfortunatelly not for me.

I followed the instructions

  1. plug and calibrate
  2. set to venetian mode – at this point i have 2 entities positioning and switch and only positioning works
  3. exclude it
  4. include it

After that point I have endpoints doubled (2 positions and 2 switches) but right now it does not work at all i have sync issues even on positioning and horrible delays in actions (30-60sec) and only one of the switches is working … i tried it several times with hard reset etc still same issue.

and shutter is stucked at shutter mode and I cannot change it at this point WTF.

Am I doing sometihing wrong?

Not sure about all of those problems, but the sync issues on tilt positions happen to me to.
They happen when either:

  1. You use up/down on the tilt (if you set it to a percentage instead, it works better)
  2. Operating the physical switch

I didn’t have much luck with Qubino support.