Problem reading/writing NFC on IOS, which standard is required for the NFCcards?

*Edit, updated topic

I thought I’d try some NFC tags but are struggling to get it working.

Neither read tag or write tag inside the companion app is detecting my NFC cards.
I’ve tested the cards with the ios shortcut app and the cards is detected there without any problem.

Updated HA to 0.115.1
Companion app version 2020.6
Iphone Xs on ios 14.

There are different NFC standards out there. I did not find a good documentation at all but found out that NTAG215 works.


Ok, so it seems then like i need another card type.

The specs on the ones I got:
"Built on Fudan FM1108 chip, fully compatible with Mifare S50 (Mifare Classic). Standard: ISO/IEC 14443-A. "

Just checked in the store with the shortcut app. Doh.

Same here. I cannot get the companion app to read or write my tag, whilst the Shortcuts app reads the tag just fine.

Any advice, pointers, hints?

In the same boat. Hoping someone has some direction.

I returned the first batch of cards and went with new ones of the type NTAG215. They are working on ios 14 on a iPhone Xs.

Have also built the tag reader with esphome from the docs, that one reads more cards types then the HA app on ios.

I settled for the NTAG215, then it works with all my readers/phones.

Seems like the HA app on ios have the most restrictions on card types.

How can you tell the card type. Is there anyway? I unfortunately found mine hanging around from an old arduino kit.