Problem setting up remote access

Hi there,

I just installed HASS on my rpi 3 and I’m loving it. However, I’m having some trouble setting up remote access to it. Could anyone help me out by answering these possibly very dumb questions?

I’m trying to follow this guide but it doesn’t quite match up to my system on the following issues:

  1. running ifconfig in putty shows two connections, one lo and one eth0. I have my rpi hooked up to my router (which in turn is hooked up to a seperate modem) with an ethernet cable, so that itself might not be too strange. But! Neither IP addresses are within range of my router’s IP address (they start with 172 and 127 instead of 192).

  2. Even if ifconfig did help me find the right IP-address, sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf doesn’t work: There is no dhcpcd.conf file in my /etc. I do have a udhcpd.conf in there, though. So should I add my static IP adress there instead?

  3. I can connect to my rpi 3 running hass using the IP-address found in my router’s DHCP-table, so I figured I could maybe set that as a static IP in my router’s DHCP table to circumvent the issues mentioned above. But forwarding that IP-address doesn’t seem work. At least: typing in my external IP:8123 on my phone on 4G get’s me a ‘server doesn’t respond.’ This might be the dumbest question yet, but why is that?

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, and how to fix this? I’m stumped.

Networking is fun isn’t it. :slight_smile:

the 127 address probably is your loopback address (lo). This is the address your pi uses to talk to itself. Every pc/server/etc has this address for that purpose. You can ignore it.

If you can connect to your pi using the address in your router’s dhcp table, then you have connectivity somehow. when you do an ifconfig, what interface is that address showing up on?

Also, I’m guessing you are connecting through an ethernet cable, or are you connecting wireless?

You might want to look at the following link for getting setup, but I think your network has some deeper issues to understand too.

Thanks for the reply! Don’t know about fun, but I’m learning, at least :stuck_out_tongue:

My pi is connected through an ethernet cable. The laptop I’m using for the putty connection is wireless.

I’m connecting to the pi using192.168.0.102(:8123), but that address doesn’t show up at all when I use ifconfig… The only connection that shows up other than the lo is an ethernet one starting with 172. So I don’t think that link will help me either…

EDIT: So, my moden turned out to also be a router… I feel dumb. It’s fixed now, though! Thanks for again your help, turboc:)