Problem to pair CC2531 routers with CC2531 Coordinator

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I flashed the coordinator firmware in to my CC2531 dongle (CC2531ZNP-Prod.hex).
Then I flashed the router firmware in ti my two other CC2531 dongle (router-cc2531-std.hex)
I installed last versione of zigbee2mqtt v. 1.9.0
I restarted my Hassio v. 0.104.2
In the log of zigbee2mqtt I view that coordinator was recognized…
I switch on join command
I pressed > 5 sec SW2 of CC2531 router… but it blinks one time a second and do not pair with coordinator

Any suggestion?

I was thinking to add another CC2531 as router. May i know where do you get the router firmware for CC2531? Also, have you resolved the pairing issue?

I found mine here.
My problem is that I have cc2531 with antenna and this is not the right firmware for my hw.
So I am trying to find firmware for CC2531 router with antenna. If anyone can help…

You can get it from here:

My one is cc2531 with antenna for the router. And i got the firmware from above location.

any news with this issue??
i flashed cc2531 with router firmware too and still 1sec blinking…

following… same problem here…