Problem to pair CC2531 routers with CC2531 Coordinator

I flashed the coordinator firmware in to my CC2531 dongle (CC2531ZNP-Prod.hex).
Then I flashed the router firmware in ti my two other CC2531 dongle (router-cc2531-std.hex)
I installed last versione of zigbee2mqtt v. 1.9.0
I restarted my Hassio v. 0.104.2
In the log of zigbee2mqtt I view that coordinator was recognized…
I switch on join command
I pressed > 5 sec SW2 of CC2531 router… but it blinks one time a second and do not pair with coordinator

Any suggestion?

I was thinking to add another CC2531 as router. May i know where do you get the router firmware for CC2531? Also, have you resolved the pairing issue?

I found mine here.
My problem is that I have cc2531 with antenna and this is not the right firmware for my hw.
So I am trying to find firmware for CC2531 router with antenna. If anyone can help…

You can get it from here:

My one is cc2531 with antenna for the router. And i got the firmware from above location.

any news with this issue??
i flashed cc2531 with router firmware too and still 1sec blinking…

following… same problem here…

Sorry guys,

does anyone know if it is possible to flash the cc2531 with this CH340C programmer
thank you

That programmer is for an ESP-01, which is a completely different device. So no :frowning:

I was wondering because I’m trying to flash a cc2531 as a router connected directly to a raspberry pi4 following this guide: (Flashing CC2531 without CC Debugger - NotEnoughTech) but arrived at the command. / cc_chipid. the ID is 1ffff or other numbers and not b524 as it should be,
i have checked the wiring many times which is correct but unsuccessful.
thank you

According to the full instructions, when you get an invalid ID you can try one of these:

./cc_chipid -m 100
./cc_chipid -m 160
./cc_chipid -m 300

How are you connecting your wires to the CC2531? Regular Dupont connectors are too big, that’s why they suggest either soldering wires to the pins, or using a proper download cable.

Thanks for the reply,

I use the Dupont connectors, I removed the plastic protection and tightened lightly with pliers and insulated with tape but I will try to solder them and change the values ​​./cc_chipid if necessary.

Just wanted to share my solution. The issue was that the CC2531 I had was previously my coordindator. My new coordinator was given the same IEEE address to save pairing issues. It took me forever to realise the reason why my CC2531 with the router firmware was not connecting was because I had a conflict with the IEEE addresses. I found this which shows how to change the IEEE address How to change the MAC address of coordinator? · Issue #72 · Koenkk/Z-Stack-firmware · GitHub

I’m having the same problem - can’t get a CC2531 USB dongle with router firmware to pair with a CC2531 with cooridinator firmware.
The IEEE addresses among my CC2531 USB dongles are all different, so address conflict is not the problem.

I have a CC2531 USB dongle with SMA connector CC2531 USB dongle as the Zigbee coordinator.
It’s loaded with the 20211115 version of the Z-Stack CC2531ZNP-Prod.hex and it’s working for Zigbee devices.
According to the ZHA Visualization diagram, the only connections to the CC2531 coordinator are 3 Zigbee routers (two IKEA TRADFRI and one Sonoff S31). Thus, it should not be at or near it’s Zigbee connection limit.

I have another CC2531 USB dongle and loaded it with the 2020_09_29 version of the Z-stack router-cc2531-std.hex.
The CC2531 USB board with router firmware in it blinks the red LED once per second when powered up - indicating it’s in pairing mode. When I activate Zigbee pairing from withint the ZHA addon in Home Assistant, the CC2531 with router firmware never pairs with the CC2531 coordinator!

To try and debug the setup, I loaded the CC2531 router with the 2020_09_29 version of Z-stack router-cc2531-diag-usb.hex.
I put the CC2531 USB board with router firmware into a USB port on my Windwos 10 machine and a COM5 port showed up in the Windows Device Manager…good.
When I open PUTTY to view the serial port info, I see this over and over.



To rule out a hardware problem with the CC2531 USB router, I bought another one to test. That arrived this week and I programmed it with the 2020_09_29 version of router-cc2531-diag-usb.hex.
SAME RESULTS - it blinked the red LED indicating pairing mode but did not pair with the CC2531 coordinator and I saw the Join:0 message over an over from the serial port.

I checked and all of my CC2531 USB sticks have different IEEE addresses, so address conflict can’t be the problem.
The IEEE address of the coordinator is:
0x00 12 4B 00 19 49 B6 20
The IEEE address of the routers I’m testing are:
0x00 12 4B 00 1C DD 44 0D
0x00 12 4B 00 01 43 3D 5A

I wonder if this is a firmware version compatibility probmem?
I opened an issue ticket in the github directory that holds the z-stack firmware.