Problem: Tradfri Remote + zigbee2mqtt

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I am new to the forum and pretty new to home automation in general. This is my first post!

So far I have a hue bridge set up with 4 IKEA Tradfri lamps. I also have a Tradfri 5-button remote, but I want to control the inputs through home assistant as an entity. So I’ve bought a zigbee sniffer and tried using zigbee2mqtt.

Actual problem: The remote sucessfully interviews and configures itself for home assistant according to the log, and it sometimes sends a packet with link quality and battery information. However, no button inputs whatsoever are sent (or maybe received) from the remote. I have my sniffer antenna approx. 1 meter away from any electronic devices.

Have any one of you experienced this problem? And if so, do you have any idea on how to continue? The remote works flawlessly with a friend’s sniffer.