Problem upgrading. HASS service upgrades, but not Web UI

Hi there people, im having this problem. I upgrade my homeassistant service using:

sudo pip3 install --upgrade homeassistant

So I get this:

Perfect! Last version is installed successfully (0.63.3)
But when I go to ‘info’ in the web UI, it still says 0.45.1 (the initial version installed in my Raspberry Pi)

Is there a method to upgrade the Web UI? I’ve been searching about this a long time, but it seems nobody have the same problem.

Thank you so much,

It might be a cache problem, try deleting it and also ctrl-f5 in the browser.

Keith, thank you for answer.
I’ve just cleared cache, and still shows 0.45.1:

Maybe a mistake in the instalation process? It was working for a year with no problem, but it always shows 0.45.1, and I look for upgrades every week.

I must say, everything works great, I have no problem with nothing! Its more a doubt, I would like to know why, and correct it.

Check if you have more than one version running, ps -aux then try rebooting maybe, also did you originally install to a virtual env?, if so you need to be in the virtual env to properly upgrade.

Ohhh ok, you found the problem, no, I didnt install to a virtual env, I made a few tries, but I was stuck in a step, so I install it on ‘pi’…
Maybe thats the problem… Someday I will make a new clean installation in a virtual env, as it suposes to be.

Thank you so much,

I am actually experiencing the same problem. get all the success message but my HASS webui still says the previous version 0.62.1

i am using python venv. anything I can do?