Problem using jinja in custom panel

I wrote a costum panel and set it up with:

- name: hello
  sidebar_title: Hello World
  sidebar_icon: mdi:hand-pointing-right
  url_path: hello

and here is my costum template:

<dom-module id='ha-panel-hello'>
    <style include="ha-style"></style>
      <ha-menu-button narrow="[[narrow]]" show-menu="[[showMenu]]"></ha-menu-button>
      <div main-title="">[[panel.title]]</div>

    <p>Hello {{ states("") }}</p>


    is: "ha-panel-hello",
    properties: {
        panel: {
            type: Object
        narrow: {
            type: Boolean
        showMenu: {
            type: Boolean

The problem is where it should print the state, it just prints an empty space. It seems like an issue with jinja, when i tried {{ 1+1 }} it just displayed the text. These examples work in dev-template panel.

Also a question. Why are the html sources in homeassistant/components/frontend/ minified? How can I beautify them?