Problem when discovering an emulated roku

I run HA on (this is a container) and my WiFi is on To this WiFi is connected a Harmony Hub.

Following the advice from @Bobby_Nobble and the writeup by @chubby92, I wanted to set up an emulated roku which would be configured on the Harmony Hub.

I believe that the Harmony Hub is scanning the network it is on looking for open 8060 ports so I set up a socat proxy on a device which is on the WiFi network ( to bridge it with the HA container.

[email protected] ~# socat TCP4-LISTEN:8060 TCP4:

This works fine (from any machine on the network):

[email protected] ~# curl
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<root xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device-1-0">

I therefore expected the Harmony Hub to now detect the emulated roku but I get an error:

It says that Roku Roku 1 is not discoverable (or found, it depends on the context of the translation). It suggest to check that both devices are on the same WiFi (they are - indirectly) and proposes to either search again or ignore the IP analysis. Ignoring it adds the device but I have serious doubts it will work - I would like to be sure this is the expected outcome before digging in further.

UPDATE: yes, it does not seem to work. I listen to the HA events bus (by listening on all events in AppDaemon) and I do not see anything when choosing “Roku 1” on the Harmony remote, and trying to send something (say, Page Up, which is one of the first ones available)

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