Problem when installing HACS

If you were able to, it happened that I’m doing a fresh install of Home Assistant in a new server and I’m not able to re-install HACS… it gets stuck on Github authentication although I’ve authorized HACS on my Github account… I even clean everything on my Home Assistant and revoke authorization and it always get stuck on that step

It stays like this forever, I did this hundred times and I never get HACS working, so something is really wrong with HACS and Home Assistant Core 2024.5.0

There’s an issue already opened on HACS repo but HACS bot just locked the issue so there’s no new comments over there HACS Setup: Integration does not activate · Issue #3666 · hacs/integration (

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Experimental features option don’t solve the problem of installing the integration… I had both systems with Experimental Features enabled and the old system HACS start doing what people is saying on this thread and on the new system, neither with or without allow me to install the integration and thus use properly HACS… so I don’t really understand the point of this topic on this discussion

You came into this topic and attempted to take it over with your installation issue. Everyone here aside from you is talking about HACS look and feel with or without experimental features.