“Problem while restarting Home Assistant ‘solaredge’” after update to Home Assistant 2023.6.1


After the update to Home Assistant 2023.6.1 I have a problem with solaredge. If I want to test the configuration, the cursor keeps spinning and does not pass the configuration test. When I want to restart home assistant the message comes up:
Failed to call service homeassistant/reload_all. And then the message “Problem while restarting Home Assistant ‘solaredge’”

I hope someone can help and I’d like to hear.

Kind regards,

Wilfried Baars

After HA has come up a run a few minutes, go to UI->Settings->Devices & Services → Integrations tab, find SolarEdge and see if it is highlighted in red color. If it is, click on the cog wheel, then click on the 3-dots to the right, and click on Re-load.

If the reload was successful, but the integration is still highlighted in red, then check the logs to see what may be the issue.