Problem with a delay in a simple Script


I try to write and run a simple script in a new v.0.115 but I can’t use the “delay” action in this simple script:

The script can start but never stop or finally because I don’t recive the message “Stop Script Test”, someone can I help me?

  alias: Script Test
  - condition: device
    device_id: 712e32e49a82470c9604576506e88903
    domain: device_tracker
    entity_id: device_tracker.iphone_de_antoni
    type: is_home
  - service: notify.telegantoni
      message: Start Script Test
  - delay: seconds:3
  - service: notify.telegantoni
      message: Stop Script Test
  mode: single

I recived the “Start Script Test” message but I never recived the “Stop Script Test” message…

Thank you,

That’s not how you format a delay :wink:

Look at the docs :wink: You’d want one of:

- delay: 3
- delay:
    seconds: 3
- delay: '00:00:03'

I personally prefer the last option as it’s the clearest.

Ouu yes!

With your format work very good!

Thank you.