Problem with AC Dimmer

I’ve been using a RobotDyn AC Dimmer to control a ceiling fan for almost a year now and it was working fine until last week, when the fan started to act like it was being “micro-triggered”. I can hear that it’s receiving electrical pulses even when the dimmer is turned off. My code is based on this publication AC Dimmer Component — ESPHome

Did you make some changes on your esphome?
Try to disconnect trigger wire, is it still firing?

Absolutely! Dealing with micro-triggers can be tricky. I’m also using ESPHome for a fan and came across similar issues. I’ll check out the resource you linked and see if there are any troubleshooting tips we can find together. By the way, I recently upgraded to jedo door handles, and they’ve made a noticeable difference in the overall functionality of my smart home setup.

  1. Being that its made by Robodyn and there is a specific thread already for troubleshooting Robodyn AC dimmers and contact methods for Robodyn, you may want to start there or at a minimum do a search and see if anyone has previously brought up this or a similar problem.

  1. Your code is “based on” the esphome example configuration? Well, (based on) isnt helpful to anyone. If you have a problem and need to make a Post with your question/problem then help us help you and provide actual details like your config, log output, hardware details, recent updates, esphome version, pictures, product links, etc etc.

  2. Without details specific to your setup and config then your just asking to be sent on a wild goose chase weeding through random guesses from people because no one has any details to rule out and narrow down the possibilities.