Problem with add-ons

Hello everyone,
I find myself with a problem that I have never had and have not yet been able to solve, I think it depends on the supervisor.
In practice, all my add-ons appear to be inactive but in reality they are.
It is possible to reach the page of the service via local ip and also the log section of the addon works correctly giving in output all the various addon events.
I encountered this problem after an update with the NginxReverseProxy plugin and since I didn’t know how to fix it, I proceeded to import a backup to restore a previous state.
I installed Hassio from 0 and imported the backup. The result was that the problem extended from a single addon to all addons.
Backup dates back to a time when everything worked fine.

for example EspHome is not active but the component works and all my Esp boards can be controlled correctly.

I am also having this problem and I’m pretty sure this other thread is the same issue.

I went to change out Mosquitto for the new EMQX and I couldn’t get it to start. I also couldn’t get Mosquitto to stop. So I restored everything from a backup I made immediately prior. Mosquitto claims that it isn’t running, but all my Tasmota devices are connected to it with no problems. I decided to poke around a bit more through SSH, but the SSH add-on claimed that it wasn’t running after a fresh install; the log files showed differently. Since Home Assistant thinks the add-on is stopped it won’t let me view the console screen.

I re-flashed a fresh copy of Home Assistant and restored from a known good backup from a couple of days earlier. Now NONE of the add-ons show as running even though the logs indicate that they are and the system performs as though they are.

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I’ve opened an Issue on GitHub. Hoping we can collate enough info to point them in the right direction and get this resolved.

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I believe this happened to me and it was due to the default repository for the addons missing. Since then I believe they removed the ability to change/remove the default repository so I am not sure how you would check…

Mine shows this, and you’ll notice they are all non default:

If I recall correctly what caught my attention was that all addons were gray like in your snippet.

You could try to just add it back and see if anything changes…

I don’t believe it would cause any further trouble, plus you can simply delete it.

The place where you do this is inside the addon store, top 3 dots:


I just tried your suggestion and received the error message “Can’t add GitHub - hassio-addons/repository: Home Assistant Community Add-ons, already in the store”

Interestingly, when I first click on Repositories it says there are none. Unsure how there aren’t any and it is already in the store at the same time.

If it helps, the only other weird thing I’m seeing is an error in the log files that keeps recurring.

This is not really related, you do not have to have ESPHome addon installed for ESPHome modules to work, it is just a tool to compile and flash the boards, after that you can turn it off or even uninstall.

That is how it is after the change they made. I would rather see the default entry even if I can’t remove it but they just hid it. I know I had your same issue but I just can’t recall how I fixed it…

To recap, you have addons installed (more than one) and they simply appear gray as if they were not installed, right?

Also, have you tried a reboot of the machine? To ensure all addons are restarted too (so many ways to install, and I am never certain whether a Core restart does anything for the docker stuff…)

Yes. The add-ons appear gray and sidebar pages are unreachable, but the add-ons actually are running.

I have rebooted and I have formatted/reinstalled. I would think installing from scratch would fix the issue of missing default repositories.


Solved it.
I thought it was a problem introduced in the latest update and hadn’t looked far enough back in the archive here.

The solution was to issue a “shutdown -h now” and then physically unplug the power for 10 seconds before retrying.

Things which did NOT work:
Pulling the power and then restarting.
Rebooting through home assistant.
“shutdown -r now” without pulling the plug.
Deleting the database file as suggested in the other thread.

@Dhy19971 Hopefully this helps you, too. If it doesn’t, apologies for accidentally hijacking your thread.