Problem with apexcharts - isoWeek and bar size

Dear community

i am trying to make a chart that starts on monday and shows a total of 7 days. for this i use “isoWeek”
but the bar is displayed incorrectly.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 192030

type: custom:apexcharts-card
update_interval: 10sec
graph_span: 1week
  start: isoWeek
  show: true
  title: Ölverbrauch (Wöchentlich)
  show_states: false
  colorize_states: true
  - entity: sensor.olverbrauch_taglich
    type: column
    color: '#8b0000'
      func: max
      duration: 1d
  - id: left
    decimals: 0
    min: 0
      forceNiceScale: true
    forceNiceScale: true
    height: 178px
    show: true
    show: true
    width: 1
    opacity: 0.9
    type: gradient
      type: vertical
      shadeIntensity: 0.1
      opacityFrom: 0.25
      opacityTo: 1
      inverseColors: true
        - 0
        - 90
        - 100

However, the bar should look or have the width as in the following chart.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 192049

What am I doing wrong?
thank you very much for your time and help :slightly_smiling_face:

You are asking for future data that does not exist.

isoweek starts on Monday. If it is Monday the span of 1week projects into the future 6 days where you have no data. If it is Tuesday, it projects 5 days into the future. etc…

Your graph will only ever look like your last screen shot on Sunday.

If that is what you want you may be able to limit the column/bar width using this:

      columnWidth: 80%

Other advanced options for the bar are listed here: bar – ApexCharts.js

If that is not want you want and you always want 7 days displayed then delete the span start option.

My code seems to be correct.
today the chart looks as it should.

no idea why the chart is only displayed correctly after two days.
but i can live with that.

thanks for your support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Because you now have more than one day of data. Everything else is in the future as I explained above.

Next Monday it will go back to the wide bar. You have not solved anything.

Hello and thank you for your reply.

The image with the 7 days was only intended as an example of the bar width.
However, it should only show what was consumed in the current week.

Yes, the problem has not been solved. But I can live with the fact that a wide bar is displayed on Mondays and then the bars are displayed correctly from Tuesday onwards.

I will try your code again next Monday. Thank you very much for that.

Have a nice day