Problem with app , doesnt stop "initializing"

Thank you for your response. I was given a Samsung Tab3 that had been used in a special application and would not work with HA. I noticed it did not have google play installed and li had installed in manually and it was missing android webview. You put me in the right direction on finally getting it to work.

Opera browser work for me also.

I already share this post with the solve.
Basically, you need to update/install “Android System WebView” in your device

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I have several Android Web Views (std., Canary and Beta) and Android Web View Developer installed.

Since today, HA app didn’t work anymore, same symptoms as above.

This thread brought me to the solution:

Switch to Android Web View std. - Canary was selected before and had been updated over night, apparently caused the problem with HA.

Tried on “mxq pro 4k” android box (AOSP), always stuck on initializing.
Android WebViews is installed, with Opera Browser i can login but not with Chrome.
Can’t access full android settings as I get only the “simplified” TV Version.

You need to use Google version of Android system WebView and it needs to be selected as the default WebView. Aosp ships with incompatible WebView usually.

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Already installed the google version but can’t access the settings where usually it can be selectable as default. Now i’m trying to find some workaround

Just as an update with what worked for me. I needed to ensure I had the latest stable Chrome and Webview apps installed. This was on an older (Android 7.0) device.

Installing the APK from here fixed this issue for me (and other issues I was starting to confront due to the outdate webview on my FireHD10 2019):


It’s been a while, but I just ran into the same issue on an old Samsung Galaxy Tab E9.6 with lineage os 14.1 (Android 7.1.2). Installed the App but it would get stuck initializing. In Chrome or Edge it worked fine, though. Installing Opera as suggested did not help, also installing WebView didn’t.

What finally solved it for me was enabling the Android developer options (clicking on the build number in the Android settings/system information a couple of times) and then within the unlocked dev options select the Chrome WebView instead of the default one. Since then, App is just working great incl. full screen and always on :+1:t2:. So, seems in my case Chrome AND WebView AND this setting was the key.

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