Problem with BME280 and i2c bus

trying to build a particulate sensor, with the BME280 sensor and a nodemcu v3 board, I encountered this error:

[23:51:45] [I] [i2c.arduino: 161]: Performing I2C bus recovery
[23:51:45] [E] [i2c.arduino: 177]: Recovery failed: SCL is held LOW on the I2C bus

on first use everything worked perfectly
later i got this error and now i don’t know how to remove it

trying another sensor (the BMP280) everything works.

how can I solve this problem?
thank you.

Sounds like your sensor is kaput.

not a good sound.
i tried to replace esp8266 but it didn’t work.
I tried another identical sensor and it worked right away.
I also think it’s to be thrown away
thank you