Problem with connecting to NAS

Hello, today i thought it would be a great idea to use the FritzBox NAS feature to save the Backups on it. So i watched a few tutorials about how to do that. But on my installation i have the Problem that always i want to add the NAS folder to my HA System I get the meassage: Unknown error, see supervisor logs. After I watched the logs, but in the supervisor log, there was nothing what could be the problem and in the Core Log I had 2 meassages:

  1. Failed to call /mounts -
  2. /mounts return code 400
    I added few scrennshots where you can hopefully see what i mean.
    Thx for reading and many thanks for helping.

PS: i can reach the folder that I want on my PC with the address:

try fritz.nas/TRANS64B_2/HABackups

at least that the format I use for mine.

Sry for the late answer, idk why i didnt get an notification mail. Thx so much for the help, that worked perfectly. If u want, u can send me ur paypal id, i want to send u a little gift for the help.


appreciate the thought, but really not necessary. treat yourself to an extra coffee :slight_smile: