Problem with creating backup

I can’t seems to create backup for the last few months,

If I’m trying to create a snapshots manual (supervisor/snapshots) I take at least an hour, then I’m getting an error “Unknown error, see supervisor”
log here

when I create a backup with the Google Drive add-on, I don’t see any issue when creating the backup, in fact the backup is listed in supervisor/snapshots

If I try to upload a backup (created by Google Drive add-on) to the backup share of a new install, home assistant don’t detect any snapshot.

but the log detect it and report an error

21-05-22 09:42:42 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.snapshots] Found 1 snapshot files
21-05-22 09:42:42 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.snapshots.snapshot] Can't read snapshot tarfile /data/backup/Full Snapshot 2021-05-20 17_00_53.tar: unexpected end of data

full Log

If I try to install Google Drive add-on and downloading from the add-on it’s downloading up to 85% then nothin since to happen anymore (83% trying a another backup)