Problem with ds18b20

Hello everyone. I have problems with a sonoff s20 which has ds18b20. Until now it had been working very well but home assistant stopped recognizing it. In the image it is seen how it recognizes the device and is related to an entity. But when looking for the value of the state entity it appears as unknown. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it? Thank you very much

Perhaps the node needs to be added again?

Open integrations and delete the integration for this node and add it again.

It worked. Thank you very much for the advice. Is this something that can happen often? It is not reliable.

It can happen but I wouldn’t say it happens often.

Unfortunately it is happening to me every time I restart home assistant. I do not realize that it can happen because the device detects the sensor.

That has never happened to me.
Is it only this node or is it all nodes?

Yes friend. It is only this mode and only with the sensor.