Problem with filtered power values from Zigbee TS011F Smart plug with power monitoring - Doesn't reset to 0

Hello, I’ve been having a problem with filters on the power values for a smart plug.

The power level gets stuck at a random higher level and doesn’t revert to 0W once the dryer is finished. It seems like my TS011F smart plug only reports the 0W value once, and then doesn’t report any further values until the power increases again. The blue lines in the graph are the original sensor data, and you can see that they do revert to 0W properly. The purple line is the filter sensor, and you can see it gets stuck at a higher value without going back down to 0W.

Here’s my filter sensor config:

    - platform: filter
      name: "Filtered Dryer Plug power"
      unique_id: filtered_dryer_plug_power
      entity_id: sensor.dryer_plug_power
        - filter: outlier
          window_size: 4
          radius: 4.0
        - filter: lowpass
          time_constant: 10
          precision: 2

What’s the best way to fix the filter so that it properly reverts to 0W?

Should I change some settings in zigbee2mqtt?

I’m having a similar problem (I don’t use filters) with the same plug since I installed Zigbee2MQTT v1.30.4-1 this week.

Did you manage to solve it?

same here, 2 plugs TS011F with same problem since I upgraded to z2m 1.30.4

It appears to be fixed in the latest dev version: