Problem with Flux LED/MagicLight : Lights discovered do not get a device ID


Is anyone else having issues with Flux LED/MagicLight where all lights discovered do not have a device ID associated to them?Without that, it is impossible to automate any of the lights discovered.

This is how my config for it looks like :

  - platform: flux_led
    automatic_add: true


Any solution? Or is this a normal behavior?


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I guess no one knows how to add a device ID? Anyone else have this issue? Any info would help.

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Only integrations that use ‘config flow’ can create devices. Integrations that are setup in configuration.yaml can’t.
Anyway, you don’t need a device to create an automation, all entities can been used to create automations.

I’m not sure I follow 100%. So if I integrate with TUYA, all the devices I registered there have a device ID and I’m able to automate however, integration with MAGIC LIGHT (using Flux LED) don’t generate. Hence, I am not able to automate anything because I don’t get a device ID. I mean, I can configure the names and all but that is about it. So I guess there is no FIX for this right now? I guess a limitation of the MAGIC LIGHT implementation?

You don’t need a device to create an automation. Devices are relatively new, and before they existed we could automate too.

Just use a state trigger, or any other available trigger. You have more options than device triggers.

OK so let me explain what I am trying to do. I have a trigger for when phones are away to close all lights. For that I need to set conditions for the devices or entities. As it stands, since my FLEX LED / Magic Lights can’t be found as entities or devices, there is no way for me to set their condition to off.

If your light does not have an entity, where does this come from ?


This comes from the entity list… So I was wrong with my previous statement, they will show as an entity however when I set the conditions for automation and select DEVICE, it is not in the device list! There is just no way for me to automate anything FLEX LED / MAGIC LIGHT related, nothing in there will ever show. And I cannot select ENTITY in the list of ACTION TYPEs for the ACTION.

The problem is in the text of the image I sent, there is no “UNIQUE ID” for those.

And I did try to customize them too but that doesn’t work, but I can configure a friendly name :

- light.6001949123d0_192_168_20_159:
  entity_id: 9eb1f3feb2014d39805e
  friendly_name: Computer DESK LED
- light.6001949557fd_192_168_20_158:
  entity_id: e659eae464994a3ab2d9
  friendly_name: Bookshelf LED 

That config is placed in customize.yaml

That ID was self generated. Anyways just doesn’t work and unless I get a device ID setup for the MAGIC Lights I don’t see a way around this problem. As far as I am concerned it is a bug or limitation of this integration.

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Just so everyone knows:

This entity does not have a unique ID, therefor its settings cannot be managed from the UI

This error doesn’t mean anything except you need to write in YAML to configure them.

Just as there are more triggers then device triggers, there are more actions than device actions.


So Action Type : Call Service works. I guess I missed that one or didn’t look well enough in the list of services but it is a way around my problem.

So my question now is, why is TUYA’s integration generate unique IDs (i.e. devices which leads to Device IDs) for all the stuff defined in it and MAGIC LIGHT / Flux_LED doesn’t? Seriously why is it different? Every object that gets imported from an integration should get its own unique ID as far as I am concerned.

Anyways for now the problem is solved and this offers a way around the problem but I still find it odd and consider this a bug that FLUX_LED / MAGIC Light’s integration doesn’t create unique IDs for the items discovered there.

Thanks for the work around. Hopefully they enhace MAGIC LIGHT’s integration soon or in the future.

saved me from trying this. thank you

flux_led will get a config flow in 2021.11 which will give them a device id

So that should allow them to work better with Alexa integration via Nabu Casa subscription I imagine? As of now, I have successfully integrated the flux_led component for an RGBW LED Strip, but I can’t turn it on by voice like I desire due to lack of Device ID/name.

Assuming it is a model we have in the database here:

… it should just work after updating. :crossed_fingers: