Problem with Fully Kiosk

Hi All, I’m having a problem setting up the media player for use in Fully Kiosk. I’m able to access my Floorplan through Fully Kiosk and that works fine, but when I run a config check I get the following error:

  • Platform not found: media_player.tts_floorplan_speaker

I have followed the instructions the Petars github:

In my configuration.yaml I have the following:

  - platform: mqtt
    state_topic: floorplan/kiosk/entry
    name: Entry Kiosk
    retain: true

  - platform: tts_floorplan_speaker
    name: Entry Kiosk

I have copied to my custom_components/media_player folder

I have the following in my floorplan.yaml file:


  - name: Entry Kiosk
    address: [REDACTED]
      - binary_sensor.entry_kiosk
      - media_player.entry_kiosk

I don’t know why I’m getting the error, can anybody help?

Thanks in advance!


Looks like @pkozul recently updated his notes/files:


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@Corey_Johnson I missed that detail. Thank You!

I think I got excited too soon :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When I try to call the TTS play service, I get no audio from my tablet. Here’s how I’m calling the tts.google_say service:

Do I have it right? I don’t receive any errors, so I’m thinking I have everything set up correctly.

I have not integrated this version/feature as of yet.