Problem with Generic Thermostat- does not move from idle


I am trying to set up a generic thermostat to control an air conditioner. The problem I am having is that when i change the operation mode to auto (either via a service call or with the web interface) the thermostat will not move from idle to heat or cool (I have tries with the generic thermostat with ac mode both enabled and disabled) and thus does not activate the switch to enable the aircon.

If I change the temperature in the thermostat it will then change the mode and activate the control switch, however if i turn the thermostat off and back to auto again the same problem re-occurs.

Any suggestions as to how to ensure when I turn on a generic thermostat it starts heating/cooling?

Yaml for the thermostat below.

  • platform: generic_thermostat
    name: AC_Cool
    heater: switch.ac_compressor_mqtt
    target_sensor: sensor.sensor_entry_temperature


minutes: 2

target_temp: 20
min_temp: 8
max_temp: 24
tolerance: 0.5
ac_mode: true
    minutes: 5


Apparently the forum uses hashes to depict bold. The bold lines are commented out in the yaml.

Is anybody else seeing this problem.

When I turn the thrmostat on I can not get the heating/cooling switch to trigger unless I manually adjust the set temperature.

This is not good for the WAF.


discussed also here:

should be fixed in HA 0.58

I am on HA 0.65.5 and the Generic Thermostat is always on idle.
Am I missing something?