Problem with Home Connect Integration

Hi everyone,

I´m trying to set up my Siemens washer using the Home Connect Integration, i have my washer working on mobile app.

I can´t get it to work in my Home Assistant.

1 - I create my developer acount, Does this have to be the same email acount as used in the mobile app??
2 - Regisiter new app, OK
3 - Add the client ID in configuration.yaml with client id & secret. OK
4 - Add the integration Home Connect:
This opens webpage
I enter my email and password but webpage returns:

"The given user is not assigned to this app in the developer portal".

I´ve tried creating using developer acount with the same and diferent email, but always same error.

@jfg31113: The reason why you were getting the message is, that you have not defined your email address (that you are using in your Home Connect App) in the “Home Connect User Account” of your Home Connect developer account. You can either define it specifically for an app or in your account details centrally.

Hope this also helps others … I have spend a few hours time to find this simple solution.

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I’m having the same problem.

Installed the addon sucessfully.

And when i go to configure, it opens a new window with the portal at :

When i then input my email (Which i defined in “Home Connect user account for testing”) I get the dreadful error of : The given user is not assigned to this app in the developer portal.

What should i do?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually made it work!

But i’m not able to make it start via hass, i can see status updates, door closed/open, and everything else. But i can’t start programs though :slight_smile: Any ideas?

Edit: I had to change it to my mail again, and then wait 20 minutes to make it work.

How did you solve the issue? I’m stuck at the very same point as you were … :frowning: