Problem with IKEA RODRET wireless dimmer - Aqara Smart Plugs are randomly switched on although not assigned

I have a problem with new IKEA RODRET wireless dimmer, which I have recently integrated into my network. All devices is allready updated to firmware 1.0.47 and my Home Assistant is also up to date.

I have assigned these new dimmer as ON/OFF switches to the respective devices via automation, which works well so far. However, the problem is that the switches randomly switch my smart sockets as well. I have several Aqara Smart Plugs in use and have never had any problems with them. These are not assigned to any switches or automations, so I can’t explain their behavior.

If I remove the switches and add them to the network again, it works again for a while. But then at some point, random sockets are switched on again. I think the problem starts when my Aquara Smart Plugs become a bridge to the coordinator, otherwise it works.

Does anyone know this problem and can help me?

My Setup:

SONOFF Zigbee USB Dongle Plus TI CC2652P + CP2102N

After a few hours with google I was able to fix the problem myself. To do this, I would have to downgrade my Aquara Smart Plugs and set them up completely new. Now they no longer react to the switches and everything works perfectly. This error probably occurs more frequently with Aquara…