Problem with including yaml files


I would like to create multiple files for my automations and store them in a folder.
I’ve created a folder AUTOMATIONS and, as a test, I put my automations.yaml in there instead of the same emplacement of configuration.yaml

In my configuration.yaml I replace

automation: !include automations.yaml


automation: !include_dir_named AUTOMATIONS/

I read in the docs that this is the way to do to be able to include multiple yaml files wich are stored in a folder.

But this doesn’t work. My automations dosn’t work anymore

Do you have an idea why ?

Don’t move or edit automations.yaml.

You need this in configuration.yaml:

automation: !include automations.yaml
automation manual: !include_dir_merge_list AUTOMATIONS

Then the files are:


with as many “other files” as you want, can be in subfolders. These are the files you edit. automations.yaml is where HA stores automations created in the UI.


To add to what Troon has said, when choosing an include type “include…named” is for dictionaries, “include…list” is for lists.

Lists have a “-” in front of each element. Dictionaries do not.

Look closely as your automations and scripts.

Automations are a list.

Scripts are a dictionary.

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Thanks, it works !
However, I can’t find somthing in the docs about writing “automation manual” to be able to include more automations yaml files :thinking:

Thanks for thoses additionnals info :+1:

See the link I posted above. manual is just the label I chose.

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